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To make sure we are obeying all rules set by the Government Suits U Disco is up to date by keeping in touch with our associations everyday.

Latest News 04-09-2020

We are doing all we can to make sure we are getting back to work for you...

Contacting Local MP's, County councils and our Local Environment Health, its a constant battle. But please bare with us. 

If you would like to help is get back to work any any social media that you may use please hash tag

#savedjculture or #letusdance. 

Latest News


We are working towards our Covid-19 compliance and Kite Marking by under taking Method statements and risk assessments. So we can put you at ease in to make sure that your event will safe.

When you make a booking with us we will do a site visit and do a risk assessment. 


With bringing in new equipment, we are ensuring we get the correct training to make sure that your next event is the best it can be..

What Else We  have been working on..

We have been seeking guidance and joining associations to make sure we are above board and looking further into what we can do next


Even though we have been looking into Photobooths, other items have taken priority...

But for when events come back we will looking again into this and to expand the effects that we offer.