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To make sure we are obeying all rules set by the Government Suits U Disco is up to date by keeping in touch with our associations everyday.

Latest News

Even though we are back and doing events, we are still taking things cautiously.  Checking in without Clients and the Venues making sure we stick with their guidelines .

Upon taking your booking we will be conducting risk and method statements to make sure that your event goes without a hitch.


With all the new equipment we have been recently been purchasing we have been doing extensive testing before bringing them out to events making sure we are happy with it. And making sure we are using it within the guidelines  of the risk assessment.

We are still toping up our skills with courses. 

And very soon will have a member of staff that can be a designated First Aider. 

What Else We  have been working on..

We have been going through our equipment and have upgraded  a lot of our equipment with brand new state of the art sound system.  Brand new lighting that can be programmed to your specific colour to your theme. And brand new booth where we can change the colour from Black to white to match the mood of your event.